❝ She peeks in, a multi-lensed scope twisting on her right eye, and the scent of an obvious chemical burn lingering on her coat, "I have notes for you, Al-" now that was intentional. Airy, and intentional. Amusing to her.


The years passed, day by day. He had grown somewhat accustomed to her habitual appearances, and even now, more than fifty years later when she was at the age he had been in his prime, having now become a wizened old Tyrant. Shoulders weighed with countless responsibilities were still held high, his form still the same appearance-wise: tall and imposing and proud as a thousand thoughts swirled within the maelstrom of his mind. Invisible bags were present underneath his eyes, as he remembered the instances where many of the humans whom had once constituted his old life had fallen, one by one — whether to the forever war of Bioterrorism that ravaged the earth, or to natural causes. His hands were folded behind his back, chin tilted a few degrees forward as luminous gaze stared out of tall glass windows, onto a Dystopian scene of carnage and brutality. Death, death, and more death.

And the cause of it, she, behind him.

           ❝ Dr. Radames, ❞ He murmured, still refusing to use her first name, out of respect for the dead, or simply out of habit — who knew. Show me.

Albert had to remind himself she wasn’t William Birkin. Nowhere close.

          and o, in him i saw the infinite ouroboros, a void of SERPENTS…

sin·ful /ˈsinfəl/

    { adj. }

  1. wicked and immoral; committing or characterized by the committing of sins.





monster verse — nicki minaj

❝ ✕

✕ — What would set you entirely off roleplaying with someone?

What would set me off? People who are self-righteous in thinking they know anything and everything there is to writing and roleplaying as a whole. A majority of the “PSA’s” I see coming along my dash aren’t spared more than a single glance because people are, frankly, uninformed to the point of coming off as a complete idiot and others tend to follow sheeple mentality and like/reblog without thinking. For certain topics, it’s okay to speak for the entire community, but others, not so much. I also hate it when people publicly shame roleplayers’ writing styles. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one — but sometimes it’s best to keep it to yourself and talk/rant about it with friends in privately. Unfortunately, many people on Tumblr are already weak and wounded and come here for a release of tensions and its a hobby, a major relaxation point for them — no one wants to see shaming and negativity.

I also don’t care how popular someone’s blog is. If your portrayal is horrid in my eyes, it’s horrid and I won’t roleplay with you. The point I’m trying to make is, think freely for yourself — take into account others’ referrals and praise, yes, but in the end, judge someone for yourself. Form your own opinions, not piggyback off others without good reason.

I went a little off track, so back to the issue: excessive formatting with ░░░▌♚♚;;;;;;;;;;;;☽     ;;;;;;;; in replies? That’s just going to throw me off. I want meat and substance in a reply, not fancy symbols that take up half of it. It’s okay to format a little, but I’d rather you gave me non-small text, non-formatted replies with excitement and substance than some of the over-excessive things I see. And I apologize if this comes off as rude or offends anyone, but it’s my opinion and it was asked of me. Hell, I was guilty of this in the past myself, for what it’s worth.

❝ ♪~?

♪ — How do you decide on your muse’s dialogue? 

On a whim and based on the situation, frankly. His thoughts and vocalizations come to me very easily after having in my head for so very long. Here are a few of my favorite pieces of dialogue I’ve written. 

  •  Do raise your firearm first, Jill, and let us be over the platitudes and trivial nonsense so reminiscent of the standard hero and villain spiel, yes? ❞
  •  Your antics are charming at best and lackluster at worst, and I wager this performance borders on the latter
  • ❝ But why do they say I have no heart…? Now, the theory has been proven false… ( He proceeds to eat one in plain sight. )
  • And as a bonus, here’s one that received a voiceover.


#team eldritch


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❝ ★ - what are some of your favourite words, and why? [[/sends from another account b/c jake's on ask limit]]

★ — Wild card: whatever else you want to ask.

What are some of your favorite words?

Rather than go into a long-winded spiel, I’ll just give everyone a straight up list @u@; They’re mainly beautiful sounding words that I wouldn’t recommend regular use of especially without context or if you don’t know how to properly place them in a sentence, but here you go!

  • aquiesce — submit or comply silently without protest
  • atramentous — black as ink, very dark
  • beleaguer — exhaust with attacks
  • demesne — dominion, territory
  • denouement — resolution to a mystery
  • desideratumsomething wanted or needed
  • desultory — slow, sluggish
  • effervescent — bubbly
  • effluent — the act or instance of flowing out
  • eloquence — beauty or persuasion in speech
  • ephemeral — short lived
  • evanescent — vanishing quickly, lasting a very short time
  • felicity — pleasantness
  • forbearing — withholding response to provocation
  • gossamer — fine thread, like spider silk
  • halcyon — happy, carefree 
  • harbinger — messenger with news of the future
  • imbue — to infuse, instill
  • ineffableinexpressible
  • insouciance — blithe nonchalance
  • iwis — surely
  • juxtaposition — the state of being close together or side by side
  • labyrinthine — twisting, turning
  • lethiferous — snakelike, lethal
  • lissome — slender and graceful
  • mellifluous — sweet sounding, musical
  • onomatopoeia — a word that sounds like its meaning
  • opulent — luxuriant
  • penumbra — a half-shadow
  • pyrrhic — successful with heavy losses
  • resplendence — splendid and dazzling in appearance
  • saccharine — overly sweet
  • scintilla — a spark, a very small thing
  • sempiternal — eternal
  • serendipity — finding something nice while looking for something else
  • sumptuous — lush
  • surreptitious — secretive and sneaky
  • susurrous — whispering, hissing
  • synecdoche — simultaneous understanding
  • vespertine — relating to or occurring in the evening
  • wherewithal — the means
  • woebegone — sorrowful, downcast
  • zephyr — a gentle breeze

❝ ☆, ✄

( naivne )

☆ — How did you go about getting a grip on your muse’s character? 
✄ — Three phrases you use too much in your writing? 

I researched, a lot. And slept. I’m a lucid dreamer, something not known to most people, but if it makes sense I spoke to my chosen character in my dreams. It’s odd. I neither hate it nor like it, because it’s a fleeting, evanescent type of experience but I always feel that much more connected to my character afterward? I write the best during a day after having had one of said dreams. But in any case, I researched a lot, as anyone ought to, as well as watched every single damn cutscene Albert Wesker has appeared in, whether it’s in the main, numbered RE titles or in spin-off games. Project Umbrella is also an important resource for when I want to confirm a fact before writing it in. I would recommend the latter to anyone writing or wanting to write an RE-centric character, canon or OC. I’m a bit obsessive on top of it all, so I’ve memorized most of Wesker’s dialogue by now. I think of writing Wesker as an ambitious and never-ending project rather than merely roleplaying.

Three words/phrases I use a lot are probably “eldritch”, “monstrous”, and “regal,” along with “the endless Ouroboros” and “the void beneath the mortal coil” and lastly, any variation of “Tyrant”, whether that word is used alone or in a phrase. I like those words a lot, sue me, haha.