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One of the most difficult feats to accomplish in life was the act of making a choice.

All actions have consequences, and all consequences have further consequences. It was the law of the universe, nature, the law of life itself. El Dios knew that all too well, his sight reaching that of the mortal plane and far beyond, to the deepest reaches of el infiernothe Vision Serpent saw all and knew all ( its eyes glowed and burned like twin suns, the ancient snake’s pupils a testament to what it truly was ; his flesh form was a facade taken to walk among the humans and the Culebra with ease to see, to understand their suffering and their triumph. ) And one such individual whom had endured it all [ for five centuries ] was a man who had once been a Spanish conquistador, Carlos Felipe, one of the deity’s most ardent devotees, one who had given up his Christian faith for the Mayan’s most revered and important of Serpent-gods. And how the child had suffered, how he had toiled! The vessel witnessed the battered Spaniard emerge from the Labyrinth of the Mind set in place by those fools, the Nine Lords of Night who believed themselves above all Hierarchy. Their false offerings of trinkets and money only disgusted the entity, who looked only to the prayers and the faith of his two, soon to be four chosen for sustenance. For the race that had once believed in it’s power was long gone, faded into the memories of the past.

The vessel looked upon the Culebra, illuminated with holy splendor that bathed its chosen form with golden pigment, the same color of its hair. But its eyes!  How they stared into the drug-lord’s very soul, saw the sins he carried inside him, all that left scars upon his flesh and his mind. When the deity spoke, the voice resonated throughout the vicinity, coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once – within the mind, and out.  How proud its tone was of the one whom had passed the trial, blood of his blood and flesh of his flesh.

 Usted ha sufrido tanto, Carlos Felipe. Pero ya no


”Be unapologetic when it comes to your brilliance.

Lisa Nichols.

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name: Diya.
date of birth: 7th February.
zodiac sign: Aquarius.
gender: Bi-gender, female pronouns preferred.
eye colour: Dark, dark brown. Almost black.
hair colour: Black.
height: 5’5”.
scars: Plenty. A map of them all across the body.
burns: None.
over weight: No.
under weight: No.


colour: Black, Purple, Red & Gold.
hair colour: Don’t care.
eye colour: Blue and Green.
song: The Mission — Puscifer.
t.v show: From Dusk Till Dawn ; Suits ; Awake. 
food: Chicken Alfredo.
drink: Vodka w/ Sprite, Water.
video game: Resident Evil ; Outlast ; Call of Duty ; Uncharted ; ( soon-to-be ) Mass Effect.
ice cream flavor: Chocolate.


had sex: Yes.
had sex in public: No.
gotten pregnant: No.
kissed a boy: Yes.
kissed a girl: Yes.
gotten tattoos: No.
gotten piercings: Ears, nose.
smoked or drank: No and no.
had a broken heart: Hm.
been in love: Mhm.
needed surgery: No.


a virgin: No.
a cuddler: Depends.
a kisser: Yes.
scared easily: Fearless one in the family, haha.
jealous easily: No, but I’m possessive.
trustworthy: Mhm.
dominant: Personality wise yes, bed? Hm.
submissive: I don’t care.
in love: With arielshepard and nebularistic.
single: Taken by them.

in a relationship: Yeah.
considered mean: Often.


have you harmed yourself: Haha.
thought of suicide: Hahaha.
attempted suicide: Hahahaha.
killed someone: Please.
wanted to kill someone: Oh, yes.
who did you kiss last: Some losers on a Cruise.
last text: My girlfriends.
drove a car: Soon.
have/had a job: Bagger at the Grocery market, assistant Librarian, Retirement Home Pianist.
favourite soda/pop: Not big into soda.
do drugs: Never.

ladyredcecchino said: I'M HERE TO MAKE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: That this bae is the real gucci and should stand up and if anyone disagrees with me fight me.

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Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation


Eyes on Fire | Blue Foundation

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//oh god im sorry but this is what i pictured when I read your music post and I HAD to share XD

that’s it
that’s college-kid punk-rocker get-high-everyday albert wesker as a 19 year old everyone.

//oh god im sorry but this is what i pictured when I read your music post and I HAD to share XD

that’s it

that’s college-kid punk-rocker get-high-everyday albert wesker as a 19 year old everyone.